Elaine Chapman

Piano Violin Theory Recorder Vocal Guitar

Elaine Chapman is a highly qualified and experienced specialist teacher of piano, violin, music theory, recorder, guitar and vocal training. With over thirty years of private one to one teaching history, she excels as one of Nottingham's leading tutors.

Lessons range from individual students to small family groups at no extra charge, with ages ranging from as young as two years old (siblings playing and watching older brothers and sisters) to her oldest student at eighty nine years old!

Lessons are given at Mushroom Farm in Redhill, Nottingham.

Elaine is a very FLEXIBLE teacher, happy to take bookings on either a formal weekly basis or on a very casual ‘every few weeks’ should you wish. As a mother of three, Elaine fully understands the changing weekly commitments of family life and the need to change or cancel appointments. Parents are very welcome to sit in during their child’s lessons.

Dex Star

Drums Guitar Bass

Guitar/Bass Lessons

Before taking on a career as a session drummer, Dex played Guitar in a number of bands and still plays today on a number of his own projects and recordings, and spends a lot of time writing his own songs. Dex offers guitar and bass tuition to beginners and takes them through the basics of correct guitar technique, to playing their first chords, all the way to playing their favorite songs.

With a huge knowledge of what it means to be a working musician, Dex can help students by teaching them the key aspects of playing in a band, how they should relate to other members of the band, upkeep of their instrument (tuning, maintenance, etc) and  even how to write their own songs (if that is of interest).

Whilst the main aim is to keep lessons Fun and Educational, Dex also aims to teach the student the kind of things they want to learn, as music is an art form, and every musician is different.

Drum Lessons

Drum wise Dex aims to keep lessons Informal, Flexible, Fun and Educational, and teaches with two fully equipped Drum kits, one for him to demonstrate from, and the other for the student, meaning the student spends the entire lesson at the drum kit. Dex has experience playing a huge variety of styles and has the  knowledge, materials and resources to help students play the type of music they want.

Dex is at the forefront of technology using both Electronic and Acoustic drums and equipment in both his teaching and session work, giving the student a huge insight into how modern technology is used in the music industry today. Therefore along with learning how to play the drums, each student will get technical experience using modern technology. This includes being recorded in a studio environment and playing with a metronome, skills which equip the student readying them for wherever they want to take their drumming, be it playing for fun, playing with other musicians in bands, playing in front of an audience, and even taking their drumming on as a career. Dex also offers drum tuition specially designed to enter students for Rockschool graded exams.

Dex is dedicated to studying and improving himself as a Drummer, and loves sharing the things he has learned with every student, and can’t wait to help you on your own drumming journey.

For more information feel free to visit Dex Star's website

Meggie Chapman

Apprentice piano teacher

Daughter of Elaine Chapman. Meggie has ABRSM Grade 8 Piano. Meggie benefits from having been thorougly taught by Elaine, and as a result she will pass on the same high standard of techniques and performance. Lessons are given to beginners/intermediates.

All tuition will be under the guidance of Elaine Chapman so parents can be assured of very high standards from the beginning.
This is a fabulous opportunity to receive highly discounted tuition.

Due to the apprenticeship nature of these lessons, we ask that parents, guardians and siblings DO NOT remain in the room whilst the lesson is in progress.

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